Northerly Testing provides on-site AAMA 501.2 field testing within the Auckland region, and nationwide

Once a full test of each site is complete, we will provide a concise and detailed report of the findings. Should the site fail, Northerly will be proactive in assisting throughout the project to ensure that the required standards are met accordingly.

AAMA 501.2 field testing

Northerly consists of a team of trained and qualified facade professionals, equipped with a strong background in facade and joinery design, installation, and construction monitoring. This enables us to provide the most in-depth facade leak detection services available within New Zealand.

AAMA 501.2 Test Reports

Our team provides detailed reports outlining deficiencies in facade installations should leaks be found during testing, allowing the project team to readily identify defects and incorporate improved QA into their construction monitoring procedures.

Coordination with project team

Northerly Testing has engineers and certified tradesmen on staff - enabling industry leading coordination with the project team to identify causes of leaks & discuss potential remediation solutions. Northerly is available to work with your project specifier to recommend testing procedures for your project.

AAMA 501.2 Compliance

Northerly Testing operates with the most up to date compliance to the AAMA501.2 standard available in New Zealand. This allows professional and detailed diagnostic field water penetration checks, which we offer throughout New Zealand.

AAMA 501.2 technical input

Northerly Testing operates with a thorough understanding of the AAMA501.2 test standard, its uses and its boundaries as applicable to the facade industry. Northerly consulting is available to coordinate with your project facade engineer or specifier to modify and customize the AAMA 501.2 test to suit the particular needs of your project & installation.